DoorDash Background Check Suspended

What Does a “Suspended” Background Check Mean?

When a background check is marked as “suspended” during the DoorDash application process, it means there’s a snag that’s stopping the screening company from finishing the check. This status means the process is on hold, usually because they need more info or there’s a specific issue that needs fixing. Unlike a “clear” or “approved” status, which means you passed, or a “disqualified” status, which means you failed, a “suspended” status is more like a “pause” button, indicating further action is needed.

Common reasons for a background check to be suspended include:

  • Incomplete or Incorrect Info: Missing details like a partial name, wrong Social Security Number, or incomplete address history.
  • Pending Charges: Ongoing criminal cases or unresolved legal matters that need clarification.
  • Discrepancies in Application: Differences between the info you provided and what they find during the background check.
  • Verification Issues: Trouble verifying your job history or education background.

Checking Your DoorDash Background Check Status

StatusDescriptionNext Steps
PendingThe background check is currently being processed.Wait for the process to complete. This typically takes 5-7 business days.
ClearThe background check has been successfully completed with no issues.Proceed with the next steps in the application process, as instructed by Doordash.
ApprovedYou have passed the background check and are approved to start working.Follow the instructions to start working with Doordash.
DisqualifiedThe background check revealed issues that disqualify you from working with Doordash.Review the disqualification reasons provided. You may contact support for further clarification.
SuspendedThere is an issue with the background check that needs to be resolved.Review the suspension notice, gather required documentation, correct any inaccuracies, and contact support if needed.
Under ReviewThe background check is being reviewed for further information or clarification.Wait for additional instructions or updates from Doordash.
IncompleteThe background check could not be completed due to missing or incomplete information.Provide the missing information or documentation as requested to complete the check.

When your background check is suspended, it’s crucial to address the underlying issues quickly to keep your application moving.

Common Reasons for Suspension

Understanding why your DoorDash background check might be suspended can help you avoid or fix it quickly. Here are some common reasons:

  • Incomplete Info: One of the main reasons for suspension is missing or incomplete info on your application. This can include partial names, missing addresses, or incomplete Social Security Numbers. Make sure all fields are accurately filled out to avoid this.
  • Pending Charges or Legal Issues: If you have any pending charges or unresolved legal matters, the background check might be suspended until these are cleared up. Doordash needs to make sure drivers don’t have serious legal problems that could be a risk.
  • Discrepancies in Info: Any inconsistencies between what you provided and what they find can lead to suspension. This includes differences in job history, education background, or personal details.
  • Verification Difficulties: Sometimes, they may have trouble verifying certain info. This can happen if previous employers don’t respond or if there are discrepancies in educational records. Providing clear and verifiable info can help avoid this.
  • Unresolved Criminal Records: If there are questions about your criminal history that need more investigation, the background check can be suspended. This usually requires you to provide additional documentation or clarification.

How Long Does the Doordash Background Check Take?

The typical timeline for a DoorDash background check varies, but most checks are done within 5 to 7 business days. However, several factors can stretch this period and possibly lead to a suspended status:

  • High Volume of Applications: During peak hiring times, the process may take longer due to a high number of applications.
  • Complex Backgrounds: If you have a long work history, many addresses, or detailed criminal records, it might take longer as more info needs to be verified.
  • Verification Delays: Delays in reaching previous employers, educational institutions, or legal entities for verification can also slow things down.
  • Inaccurate or Incomplete Info: Providing wrong or incomplete info can lead to back-and-forth communications to sort things out, delaying the overall timeline.

Steps to Resolve a Suspended Background Check

If your DoorDash background check gets suspended, don’t freak out. Here’s what you gotta do to sort things out and get your application moving again:

  1. Check the Suspension Notice: Read any messages you got about the suspension carefully. They usually tell you why it happened and what you need to do next.
  2. Gather Needed Docs: If they ask for extra documents (like proof of identity, legal papers, or job verification), get those together fast. Make sure everything is clear and up-to-date.
  3. Fix Any Mistakes: If the suspension is because of wrong or missing info, go over your application again. Fix any errors and add any missing details. Double-check everything for accuracy.
  4. Send in Extra Info: Use the app or website to submit any extra documents or corrected info. Follow the instructions Doordash gives you exactly.
  5. Follow Up with Support: After you send the needed info, get in touch with DoorDash support to make sure they got everything and ask about what’s next. Keep a record of all your communications.
  6. Be Patient but Persistent: These checks can take a while, especially if they need more verification. Be patient, but keep checking in regularly to see how it’s going.

Preventing Future Background Check Issues

To avoid this mess next time, here are some tips

  1. Provide Accurate Info: Double-check everything you put in your application. Make sure names, addresses, Social Security Numbers, and all other details are correct and complete.
  2. Be Thorough: When filling out your application, include all relevant info about your job history, education, and personal background.
  3. Respond Quickly: If DoorDash or the background check people ask for more info or documents, respond fast and give them exactly what they need.
  4. Keep Records Ready: Have organized records of your job history, education, and any legal documents. Having these handy can speed things up.
  5. Check Your Status Regularly: Stay on top of things by regularly checking the status of your background check. Spotting issues early helps you fix them quicker.
  6. Prepare for Common Issues: Know what common issues can cause suspensions, like pending charges or unresolved discrepancies, and deal with them before applying.

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