Disputes are bound to occur, but they need not destroy your business, your family or your emotional well-being. We offer high quality yet affordable mediation services for all areas of law we practice. In addition, we believe that it is never too late to reach an agreement. Therefore, we offer mediation services at virtually all stages of a dispute, including:

  • Pre-litigation
  • Early stage litigation
  • Court-ordered ADR
  • Late stage litigation

Of course, mediation is only effective if the Mediator is knowledgeable about the type of dispute he or she is attempting to resolve. This explains why we limit our mediation services to the areas we focus on, particularly real estate, business matters and probate/trust related disputes. Some of the cases we handle most often include:

  • Business or real estate valuation disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Construction and mechanics’ liens

Whether you are in the midst of a conflict and wish to resolve it before litigation (and avoid the associated costs and hard-feelings), or are in the middle of a lawsuit and want to put an end to it, we can help.