Wells Fargo Background Check: Everything You Need to Know

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What Wells Fargo Digs Into During a Background Check

Wells Fargo doesn’t mess around when it comes to background checks. They’re after integrity and reliability, plain and simple. Here’s the rundown of what they scrutinize:

  • Criminal History. Wells Fargo zeroes in on your criminal past. They’re on the lookout for any convictions, especially the big hitters like felonies and misdemeanors. If you’ve got a history of fraud, theft, or violence, you better believe they’re taking note. Trustworthiness is non-negotiable in the financial world.
  • Employment History. They’ll comb through your job history with a fine-tooth comb. They’re verifying job titles, duties, and how long you stuck around. Any discrepancies between what you say and what your past employers say will raise eyebrows. Gaps and frequent job-hopping? Those will get a second look to ensure you’re steady and reliable.
  • Education Verification. Your claimed education credentials are up for validation. Degrees, schools, the whole shebang. They need to know you’ve got the chops for the job. Fudging your academic background? That’s a serious no-no.
  • Credit History. Your financial habits are under the microscope. They’ll pull your credit report to gauge your financial responsibility. Red flags like bankruptcies, unpaid debts, or a pattern of late payments can be deal-breakers. They want to see you can handle financial matters with care.
  • Drug Screening. Wells Fargo insists on a drug-free workplace. You’ll need to pass a drug test to proceed with employment. This step is crucial for maintaining a safe and productive environment.

Wells Fargo Background Check Disqualifying Factors

Certain things can shut the door on your Wells Fargo career aspirations. Here’s what might disqualify you:

  • Felony Convictions. Felonies, especially those involving fraud, theft, or violence, are major red flags. Wells Fargo can’t risk the safety and trust of their customers and team.
  • Fraud or Financial Crimes. A history of fraud or financial misconduct is a big no-go. Integrity is everything in this industry, and Wells Fargo won’t take chances.
  • Inconsistent Employment History. If your work history is full of job-hopping or significant gaps, Wells Fargo might see that as a reliability issue. They prefer candidates with stable, consistent job records.
  • Negative Credit History. A shaky credit history, marked by bankruptcies, significant unpaid debts, or repeated late payments, is a major concern. Financial responsibility is key in this field.
  • Failed Drug Test. Failing a drug test is a hard stop. Wells Fargo is strict about maintaining a drug-free workplace.

Background Check Timeline at Wells Fargo

Wondering how long this background check might take? Here’s what to expect:

Average Processing Time. Typically, the background check takes about one to two weeks. The duration can vary based on the position and the completeness of your provided information.

Potential Delays. Several factors can slow down the process:

  • Incomplete or inaccurate information on your application.
  • Challenges in obtaining verification from previous employers or schools.
  • Extensive criminal or credit history that needs thorough review.
  • Scheduling and processing the drug test.

Speeding Up the Process. Want to help speed things along? Here’s what you can do:

  • Ensure your application information is complete and accurate.
  • Alert your previous employers and educational institutions about verification requests.
  • Promptly respond to follow-up questions or requests for additional information from Wells Fargo or the background check agency.

Common Problems During Wells Fargo Background Check

Here is a table summarizing the common elements of Wells Fargo’s background check, what they look for, and potential disqualifiers:

Background Check ElementWhat Wells Fargo Looks ForPotential Disqualifiers
Criminal HistoryPast convictions, particularly felonies and misdemeanors related to fraud, theft, or violence.Felony convictions, especially related to fraud, theft, or violence.
Employment HistoryVerification of previous job titles, responsibilities, and durations of employment. Scrutiny of gaps and frequent job changes.Frequent job changes or significant gaps in employment.
Education VerificationVerification of degrees earned and institutions attended. Ensuring the candidate possesses necessary qualifications.Discrepancies or false claims about educational achievements.
Credit HistoryReview of the candidate’s credit report to assess financial responsibility. Attention to bankruptcies, unpaid debts, or late payments.Poor credit history, bankruptcies, significant unpaid debts, or late payments.
Drug ScreeningRequired drug test to ensure a drug-free workplace.Failed drug test.

Need Help Navigating a Wells Fargo Background Check?

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