Your investment property is just that. An investment. Like an investment, you need to keep an eye on it and protect it.

There isn’t any one thing that will protect your property from any and all problems. However, one thing you should do with an investment property is file a Request for Notice.

A Request for Notice is a document filed with the County Recorder or Registrar. The document means that people taking action against the property, such as asserting a lien or foreclosing, must provide notice to the person who filed the Request.

The utility of the Request is that many times action can be taken against a property without providing the property owner notice. Instead, notice must often only be served on the resident. Of course, with many investment properties, the owner is not at the property on a regular basis. Therefore, a Request is often helpful in finding out what is happening with your property.

The Request is simply a first step, but it is a necessary first step. Once you know what is going on with your property, you have put yourself into position to take action to protect your property.

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